• The biggest misconceptions about Ikigai
    The Japanese philosophy of life called Ikigai is becoming more and more popular in our Western world as well. Since I first wrote a practical guide on this subject two years ago, about half a dozen books and countless articles on ikigai have been published. Hundreds of years of experience have gone into this philosophy,
  • The pursuit of happiness
    Most people who want to have a happy and fulfilling life are so busy chasing their happiness that they don’t realize what they already have or what life has to offer them. They then spend their lives in a position of frustration, annoyance and sadness, moving further and further away from their happiness instead of
  • Spirituality and business – (not) a contradiction?
    Spirituality is often interpreted in a one-sided way. Are you one of those people for whom business success is incompatible with spirituality? Success and the accompanying growth of one’s own fortune, if you look at it with your heart, is definitely something very spiritual. The word spirituality means as much as spirit/spirituality, in its inner.
  • Ikigai – Find your Why and everything else will follow
    The question of the meaning of life, of fulfillment in what we do, both in our private lives and in our work, is increasingly coming to the fore. While on the one hand a proper work-life balance is considered the measure of all things, I firmly believe that with meaningful activity the transitions between work
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