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Welcome to mindbizz – your place for more meaningfulness and purpose in your success. On this page you get a kickstart about what you can find here and especially what you will find in the future. We have a lot of free content (in development, give us some time), because it is important to us to enable everyone to gain new knowledge and to be able to lead a great life full of joy without having to spend a lot of money. A tip on this: subscribe to our mindbizz weekly newsletter and you will stay informed about new content. You can find out more about our newsletter here > mindbizz weekly <

Topics that we will be writing about

mindbizz is about how we can lead a more fulfilling life with our soul business. The focus is of course on business topics with a more holistic approach. Because when you find your why, you will feel such a drive from within that your whole life will be positively changed by it. With a motivation based on your why, you do not need a work-life balance. The energy is simply there and this will bring you to a more holistic work-life integration.

Does that work overnight? We are very much in favor of being clear in our message, therefore the answer is: NO! Advertising for overpriced online courses by young “coaches” with big (for the ads rented) sports cars and “make you rich overnight” promise fame and fortune overnight. Yes, there is big money involved, but unfortunately only for those run these ads and pull the money out of your pockets. There are certainly coaches whose prices are more than justified, but they don’t have to advertise with expensive sports cars. If you feel addressed by such advertisements, ask yourself whether this is really what you want? Or whether that is just an assumed intention that is not yours at all.

What do you find here on mindbizz? Our articles are freely available, we are big advocates of free available knowledge to make the world a better place. Through our publishing house, we offer you the opportunity to find deeper access to topics or to get work aids like our workbooks. The University area is still in the making. We will be offering (online) workshops, lectures and courses soon in the future. Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter! We send out information once a week about everything that is new and should not be missed.

Where do you start? If you have brought some time with you, we recommend the article about Ikigai or just take a look at our value test to see which values are really important to you.

One more important point: We do not use cookies and only have simple, internal statistics that are completely anonymized. If you use our tests, this is really just for you.

And now: have a lot of fun and happiness on your way, we hope that you can take a lot of valuable input with you.

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