Spirituality is often interpreted in a one-sided way. Are you one of those people for whom business success is incompatible with spirituality? Success and the accompanying growth of one’s own fortune, if you look at it with your heart, is definitely something very spiritual.

The word spirituality means as much as spirit/spirituality, in its inner. It means that a spiritual person has a holistic view and mindfulness, an awareness in his and for his life and leads this life on his own responsibility. Spirituality is a basic attitude, how we meet ourselves, how we stand by and for ourselves and how we meet other people.

„Contentment and gratitude in the present moment are the surest path to success.“

(Bryant McGill)

Spirituality is not synonymous with faith. For a spiritual life, it doesn’t matter what or who you believe in. But you should live and live out what you believe in and grow from it. Take another step every day. Practice gratitude. Be aware of yourself. This will make you feel more alive, live more in the now. Give more. Time, advice, a smile. Often it doesn’t take much, but you will feel much more alive afterwards.

How does success, your business, fit in here? If you give a lot and from the heart, you will get it back. Karma is based on this connection, networking professionals have also embraced this, advising not to put your own advantage first but to help others solve a problem.

„Success is what follows when you follow your purpose.”

(Kurt Tepperwein)

You’ve probably asked yourself the question, what’s the point of all this? Why are we here? There is that point in life when you ask yourself, is this all there is now? What is the meaning of it all? Spirituality is an inner attitude. The way we approach ourselves and the way we approach other people. The first thing you learn in personal development as a spiritual person is to guide yourself. To develop mindfulness for oneself and thus for others and one’s surroundings and to grow from it. With this, the spiritual person develops qualities that are important to support and encourage others in their development, qualities that also characterize a good leader. If you have found your purpose and follow it, it will inevitably lead you to success. Spirituality, the way you perceive life and walk your path, is thus an important cornerstone for a successful and fulfilled life.

„The questions determine the quality of your life“

(Jörg Löhr)

Do you ask yourself the right questions?


The only constant in my life is change, to learn something new every day, a motivation from within my core. As an entrepreneur with digital DNA, a deep understanding of AI and personal development, training in integral life coaching & NLP, I write about soul business, the meaning of life, mindfulness and how artificial intelligence can help us to be more with ourselves andhow to feel more happiness in life. I look forward to feedback on my articles (e.g. on Instagram) and also offer regular discussions on Clubhouse (@cwehrle).

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