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Values can be very diverse and individual for everyone. Anyone who deals with their values quickly realizes that it is not so easy to get clarity about which values are important for us and how.

To do this, you first need to know your values and find out which of them are particularly important to us. We have compiled over 300 values, select from the values the eight values that you think are really important for you.

Search for values: To find a specific value enter it in the search field and press the “Search” button. Without a search, a selection of values will be shown. By entering “A” in the search field you will get all values displayed.

Selecting a value: To select for testing, click on your values, clicking again will take the value out of your selection.

As soon as eight values are selected, check again if they are really your most important values, if not, you can still deselect values and exchange them for others. If you are sure, then start the test. We will now compare each value with every other value you have chosen. You may now decide which value is more important at this point in your life.

Note that your values are always a snapshot. This does not mean that you have different values every hour. In the course of a hopefully long life we change and develop and therefore our values also change from time to time. Take a good half hour for the test. If you have not yet dealt with your values, the selection may take a little longer, if you already know your values, you will of course get a result much faster.

At the end the value test you get your top 3 values for which you have decided. You can repeat the test with the selected values or exchange values and start again.

Click here to start the value test

Click here to download an overview of all values as a PDF

Frequently asked Questions

All values are important, so why should I test them against each other?

Of course all your values are important for you. However, not all values are always equally important and there are always situations in life where we weigh values against each other. When two or more values with opposite characteristics compete with each other, this is called a value conflict. For example, sustainability can be an important value for you, but at the same time individuality and efficiency. Efficient scheduling with individual means of transport is in competition with living sustainability. This inevitably leads to a conflict of values in which you have to weigh your values against each other depending on the given situation.

What exactly is a value for us today? 

Values can be very diverse and are individual for everyone. A value is a guideline, an orientation against which you can check your behavior towards yourself and your environment. The more exactly you know yourself, the easier it will be for you to make powerful and above all clear decisions for your life.

You still have questions? We are looking forward to an exchange. You can reach us best via our social media presences. The links are in the menu above and at the bottom of this page.

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