Ikigai Workbook

Self-discovery with Ikigai: how to become successful at work and happy in your personal life with your Why.

True happiness is when you look forward to the day ahead of you every new morning. When you can enjoy the moment unencumbered. The secret to such a life, according to the Japanese philosophy Ikigai, is in the answer to a very special question: Why?

Those who know their “Why” live differently.

Are you ready for the inner journey to your Ikigai? Find out the core of your joy, what gives your life purpose and above all, how you can reconcile professional fulfillment, the desire for prosperity and personal happiness.

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This book is your first step into a new life. You start from where you stand right now, you are guided by the hand and accompanied on your way.You get to know…

  • how you can unlock the secret to a more fulfilling life using the method behind Ikigai.
  • how you can find and live your ikigai through guided instructions with many examples.
  • how to break negative thought spirals and empower your self-awareness by focusing on your strengths.
  • how you live a more self-determined life.
  • how to make your start in your new life more successful: the big practice part shows you how to unfold and go for your why.
  • many tips and suggestions that will lead you to a more mindful self.
  • a holistic deeper flow experience with your Ikigai.
  • how to get out of the rat race more creatively, more focused and full of life.

Your exclusive bonus features from this book:

  • An empowerment toolbox – the special magic formula of this workbook – with many instructions and audio downloads..
  • Using the QR codes in the book, you can directly access the audio recordings for selected exercises.
  • Spoken meditations and exercises from the book that will unwind your life, release blockages, reduce your stress, and make you more resilient in the long run..
  • The 4 effective methods to get started additionally as a download for printing.
  • Test your most important values online with your very own personal value test.

Make a difference, you are wonderful! Embark on the journey – a journey into your true fulfillment.

Start now and take your future in your hands!

Order at Amazon: USA | Canada | UK | Australia | Spain | Japan

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